One of our lifeguards in Dubai

I Landed in Dubai 9 February 2019. I started with Lifeguard training, learning the rules & regulations of our job for 2 weeks. After the training we worked at Wild Wadi Waterpark for about a month. While working, we trained to become Beach Lifeguards. The training was short. Since then, I am working as a Beach Lifeguard on the beach.

In the Lifeguard Operations there is different types of lifeguards.There is Shallow facility, Special facility, & Beach Lifeguards. Shallow facility lifeguard can only work around pools that is 1.5m deep and to qualify they only need to swim 50m under 2mins. Special can work deeper pools and needs to swim 200m under 4mins to qualify. Beach Guard usually works beaches, but can work anywhere and needs to swim 400m under 8mns to qualify.

Shallow and special facility lifeguards works at Wild Wadi Waterpark and at the hotel’s/resort’s pools. Our work hours are for 7am when the beach is open until the sunsets. In summer its around 19h00 and in winter 17h00. Every week you get one day off, average working hours a week is 48 hours. Sometimes you get Paid Time Off (PTO) if you have a lot of plus hours, or you just get paid for overtime.

The work environment in the summer is very hot and humid with little to no wind. In Dubai the summer temperature is around 35°C – 50°C and the humidity is 40%-70% and the ocean temperature is very warm 34°C. The winter in Dubai is much better with temperatures around 20°C – 26°C , the humidity is very low and the ocean temperature is nice and cool. There is strong winds and little rainfall in the winter. The Ocean is very calm in the summer it’s like a lake, but in winter the wave bigger.

In this company, and any other company in the world, it is the best to show that you are dedicated to the job and that you have a good attitude. Because it puts you in the spotlight and the people will see this colleague is good for the company and will help the company grow and improve. For example, I am training now for team leader. mM assistant manager said that I will most likely get it because my name is already high in the company, as I do the work that they expect of me without any complaints.

I am still enjoying it here in Dubai and aiming to get a higher position – at least assistant manager. Always choose your attitude, it makes you life and the work environment easier and enjoyable.